The Online Game Internet Attraction System – Is Derek Lamont’s Product For Real?

theonlinegameSo you want to know what “The Online Game, Internet Attraction System” is all about.

Maybe you have signed up with an online dating website, expecting to catch a few women’s eyes but sadly you are experiencing dead silence, not getting any kind of responses at all.

Or maybe you want to meet that cute girl you saw on Facebook the other day but don’t know how to start a conversation with her. Heck, I remember being in that place not long ago.

That’s why when I heard about The Online Game, I decided to give it a try, to really see if it could really help me improve my online dating skills. Below you will find a brief review of The Online Game Internet Attraction System, that I hope will help you get started in your “quest” of how to meet women online.

The Online Game- What is exactly?

The Online Game is a step-by-step system to meet and seduce girls online. The program was developed by Derek Lamont, a guy who was a student of some of the most prestigious pickup artists and seductionists in the world and who has perfected the art of attraction especially in the “Online Field”.

The whole program focuses on areas such as creating an outstanding and attractiv online profile, sending messages to girls, even how to transition to talking on the phone and meeting her in person and much more.

Delivery Method: The entire program and all the bonus components are digital – they can be downloaded immediately.

Trial offer: As of the time this review was published, you can access a 21-day free trial of the program with no strings attached.

Money-Back Guarantee: The program comes with an unconditional 8-week 100% money-back guarantee.

Program Website:

The Online Game – What’s Inside This Program?

1.       The 224-Page “The Online Game” E-Book

Derek’s program consists of several different components, but the most important one is definitely this 224-page e-book. To begin with, the book itself is impressive: it’s beautifully presented and extremely professional in its layout and format. When you start reading the first few pages, it becomes clear he has put a lot of effort writing the book … and there’s no doubt the content is meticulously researched.

The e-book is broken into a number of chapters, each covering a specific topic. From teaching you how to create a profile and write email messages that will get her interested in you, all to how to get her on the phone and meet her in person. In addition to being easy to read and understand, the book includes numerous examples.

2. “Quick & Easy Profile and Message Tips” Three Part Audio Course:

If you’re a busy person, you probably won’t always have time to sit down and read. That’s why I found this audio course very convenient, you can listen to it on your couch, in your car or even while jogging around your neighborhood.

The audio course, which outlines vital tips for profile content optimization, profile pictures, how to message women, etc;  is professionally recorded and contains a number of very useful tips beyond the main e-book.

3. Personal email coaching offer:

Perhaps the most valuable component (aside from the main e-book). Essentially, you can email Derek any questions you have about online attraction, and you’ll get a detailed and personalized response. The little downside though is that you only get a month of this personal email coaching.

And like many other e-book authors, Derek Lamont includes unlimited access to book updates giving you a lifetime membership to all the online dating advice you could ever want, because he releases regular program updates with new and up-to-date strategies, bonuses, etc.

How to meet women online

The Online Game Internet Attraction System – The Bonuses:

The program also comes with several bonus items. The first bonus – is the e-book “101 Romantic Ideas”, inside you’ll find some of the most creative romantic ideas that will keep those girls coming back for more! And will be especially suitable for those of you who are looking to attract women for more “noble reasons”.

The 2nd bonus is the e-book “3 Keys to Seducing any Woman”, read it before talking to any woman that you know, you’ll understand why when you go through this report.

The 3rd one is the e-book “The Secret to Getting Her Back” which contains tips for helping you get back with your ex, if that is what you want.

The 4th one is the e-book “7 Simple Steps to a Better Body”, although you don’t need to be naturally good looking to use the program, this report will definitely give you an “extra edge” over the competition.

And there are also some additional “secret bonuses” at the time of this writing that Derek has included if you decide to acquire the program today.

In Summary:

Ok, so despite my initial skepticism, I can now confidently say that this program will help you get started at meeting and dating women online. It’s pretty much guaranteed to give you a serious confidence boost when you start seeing how your interactions with women online improve.

And speaking of a guarantee, Derek Lamont offers an unconditional 8-Week money-back guarantee so it’s always nice to know your purchase is risk-free.

For more information about The Online Game, simply visit Derek Lamont’s website. On his web page you can also check out some impressive testimonials that have been submitted by previous customers and more details about the program.

This system has worked for me really good and I am very impressed with what I have learned and the results that I have achieved.
In my opinion if you really want to improve your life and finally be able to meet women and have the possibility of having unlimited sex or have the chance to meet your soulmate…  then you should definitely try The Online Game program, after all you don’t have nothing to lose and a lot to gain!

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